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The Hanoi street food scene

  As you attempt the navigate the sidewalks of Hanoi, you are constantly bypassing or walking through one of the thousands of street food stalls, with patrons spilling out onto the narrow sidewalks. Street food is a slight misnomer, as … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve in Hanoi

A long overdue post… Hanoi is known for its vibrant street food scene and the list of must-try dishes is immense: bun cha, banh cuon, and pho bo, just for starters. We needed professional help. That's where Daniel Hoyer came … Continue reading

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Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls

There was a distinct lightness to everything I cooked at the Saigon Cooking School. Fresh herbs, paper thin rice paper, clear coconut water – it could have easily been billed as a healthy cooking class. We started with fresh spring … Continue reading

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Motorbike madness in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City really does have the frantic, intense energy you read about. Not only are the streets jam packed with motorbikes, but when traffic gets bad they simply hop up onto the sidewalks and drive there. Crossing the … Continue reading

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