Indian street food in Malaysia

I just had the best Indian food I've eaten since….well, since I lived in India. The street food scene in Penang is world famous and my first taste of it definitely lives up to the hype. I had read about the Line Clear stall in a street food book but as I wandered through the red light district and was propositioned by multiple hookers, I started to have my doubts. Just as the rain started coming down I began to smell the aromas of curry and saw a long line of people waiting under the tin roof. Bingo.

Line Clear stall for Nasi Kandar

There's only one option to order: Nasi Kandar. The dish has rice at its center and you can choose which type of protein you want to add: fish head, fried chicken, chicken curry, mutton, and probably one more that I'm forgetting. I went with the bright orange fried chicken and I think I finally understand the phrase “finger-lickin' good.” The cook added the standard flavorful accompaniments: a spiced omelet, okra in spicy sambal, cucumber salad, and turmeric cabbage. I ordered teh tarik on the side, a sweet and milky tea that is very close to Indian chai and served as both my beverage and my dessert. Oh, and the whole thing cost $3 USD.

Delicious nasi kandar with fried chicken, spiced omelet, turmeric cabbage, curried okra, and rice

During the heat of the afternoon earlier today, I tried another Indian influenced street food: ice kacing. This eclectic combination of flavors includes shaved ice, rose syrup, palm sugar syrup, creamed corn, red beans, condensed coconut milk, vanilla ice cream, and some kind of chewy white opaque fruit that I couldn't identify. It was pretty good when I got the right combination of flavors on the spoon but getting a big bite of iced creamed corn on its own wasn't as pleasant. I am still so amazed and impressed by the fact that I can safely order a water based dessert off the street that it makes everything taste even better.

Ice kacing with rose syrup, condensed milk, creamed corn, red beans, palm sugar syrup, and vanilla ice cream. What a combination!

Additional information:
Nasi Kandar
Line Clear Restaurant
Next to 177 Penang Road, Penang
04 261 4440
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