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A love affair with green curry

I came for the pad thai but I left with an abiding love of green curry. My day with “A Lot of Thai” was exactly that – six dishes later, the only thing I could possibly be expected to do … Continue reading

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Mangrove beaches on Langkawi island

There is a laconic routine to the days here: wake up late, bake in the sun, float in the warm aqua-marine waters, head inside for a shower during the late afternoon downpour, have a light dinner and go to sleep … Continue reading

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The architecture of Penang

I spent the hottest part of the day wading through the thick humidity of Georgetown on a walking tour of historic Penang. My guide, a Scotsman named Mark who has called Penang home for the last seven years, amiably sweated … Continue reading

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Dim Sum for dinner, Char Kway Teow for dessert

I only have to wander a block away from my hotel on Cintra street to be in the midst of Chinese shophouses, tailors, and preserved food stores. After attempting to get measured for a bridesmaid dress by a Chinese seamstress, … Continue reading

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Traditional Malay cooking

Nazlina is the kind of person you want to be friends with. As we sat down for an early breakfast of roti canai and chatted about potential menu items for the day, it felt like we were planning a dinner … Continue reading

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Indian street food in Malaysia

I just had the best Indian food I've eaten since….well, since I lived in India. The street food scene in Penang is world famous and my first taste of it definitely lives up to the hype. I had read about … Continue reading

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Nyonya cuisine in Penang, Malaysia

Nyonya cuisine is famous across Malaysia, but particularly in Penang. Nyonya refers to the descendants of the original Chinese traders who came to Malaysia in the sixteenth century. These early Chinese immigrants brought their traditional Hokkien recipes but often couldn’t … Continue reading

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The. Best. Day. Of. Eating. Ever.

Over five hours, seven people ate twenty dishes at five restaurants for a total of $60 USD. $3 a dish or $9 a person. And each dish was absolutely phenomenal. I’m spending the weekend with friends in Kuala Lumpur and … Continue reading

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Beef Rendang in Kuala Lumpur

Beef rendang is the most complicated and elaborate dish I have attempted to make. It is a decadent and fragrant braised beef dish with a rich and thick gravy and it is one of the iconic dishes of Malaysia. What … Continue reading

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Photos from East Bali

I was having technical issues posting some of the photos from my time in East Bali so I wanted to share a few shots of this beautiful part of the island. Posted with Blogsy

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