Simplethings sandwich & pie shop

West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Simplethings gets all the details right.  When you walk in the door, the first thing you see is the pleasantly-lit display case filled with delicious looking pies, sitting prominently at the front of the restaurant.  You can’t help but take a detour on the way to your table and make a mental note to save room.  Each table is covered in a piece of butcher paper and has a small box of crayons – as if this wasn’t enough to bring out your inner child, they’ve also pre-printed the dot game and hangman on the paper.  As you sit and look around you begin to appreciate the thoughtful but subtle details — the 1950s coke machine, the white tiled walls, the sunny yellow mugs, the mason jars for lemonade, and the waitresses’ polka dotted aprons.

Simplethings’ slogan is “sandwich. pie. done.” and it’s true – you really don’t need much more.  The sandwich menu is surprisingly creative for a back-to-basics restaurant, with a mix of old standbys like the reuben, tuna melt, and meatloaf sandwich, combined with creative twists like the avocado melt, tofu po’ boy, and sweet potato on a pretzel bun.

I ordered the tuna melt, and while I hate to resort to hyperbole, it was a pretty perfect tuna melt.  Served on lightly toasted rye bread with melted gruyere cheese, thin slices of tomato, with chunks of tuna and very little mayo, the sandwich was exactly the right size – filling but not falling apart or huge – and had the ideal mix of flavors.

It wasn’t too hard to save room for dessert, as they conveniently have mirco-sized pie bites for $2.50.  We had the strawberry shortcake, which was a delicious mix of buttery graham cracker crust, fresh whipped cream, and fresh strawberries diced to allow for the perfect bite.

Strawberry shortcake and the dot game - the perfect combination

In case you were wondering from the picture above, my husband won the dot game.  We are definitely going back for a rematch.

More information:
8310 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048
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