Zeeks Pizza

Downtown, Seattle

Zeeks is a solid neighborhood pizza spot – one that I later discovered is actually a local chain but doesn’t feel like one.  The open floor plan is inviting, with exposed brick walls and oversized black wooden booths.  As you would expect from the laid back vibe when you walk in the door, the staff is friendly and they have local beer on tap (although according to my friend, my Blue Moon was better….).  They have an extensive menu with creative combinations and a high quality topping list to make your own. The pizza is quite good —- not go out and make a special trip to get it good, but good enough to come back to again on the way home from work.  We also got a Greek salad, which had the right proportions of feta, olives, lettuce, peppers and onions – and most importantly, they were kalamata olives, not the plastic black slices that come from a can and are the staple at many pizza restaurants.  Right near the Seattle Space Needle and the Experience Music Project Museum, it is an appealing, relatively inexpensive, non touristy option – I’d go back again if I was in the area.

More information:
419 Denny Way, Seattle, WA 98109
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