Kitchen 24

West Hollywood, Los Angeles

I could not be more excited to have a 24-hour restaurant walking distance from my apartment in West Hollywood. Even if that 24-hour restaurant had a neon pink theme to match the pink of the Ramada hotel next door, I would still be beside myself with excitement.

Kitchen 24 has arrived with bells on, although it seems that the actual kitchen is still a few steps behind.  With a great late night munchy menu, an incredibly long happy hour (I think it goes until 11pm on weeknights), and reasonably priced food and drinks, I can only assume that the kitchen will catch up and manage to serve orders in under 40 minutes at some point in the very near future.  I am clearly not the only person jazzed that K24 has opened – it has been packed every weekend since…well, since last weekend when it opened.

The atmosphere is ‘party at the diner.’ The booths and tables feel like an upscale diner, with tongue-in-cheek light fixtures made of cutlery.  There is a nice outdoor patio area, adorned with the multitude of heat lamps that evening outdoor dining in Los Angeles seems to require.  It is clearly becoming a people-watching scene but one that isn’t exclusive and isn’t taking itself too seriously – there are a mix of people going to or from the clubs nearby or just stepping out for a meal in the neighborhood, and it’s a nice mix of all ages.

I ordered a vodka strawberry lemonade to start (actually, it kind of arrived with the food) which was a good mix of strong and sweet and a generous but not enormous size.  I also went for the late night breakfast, ordering chocolate chip banana pancakes, which came with three giant cakes lightly coated in powdered sugar and were really good – more of the dense, dessert-like consistency than a light and fluffy breakfast, but I was happy.  My husband ordered a beet and goat cheese salad, which was good from my one taste but which I don’t feel qualified to comment on, given the assault I just gave La Conversation’s beet salad.

More to come on K24 — I’m looking forward to seeing how they do as they start to settle into a groove.

More information:
Kitchen 24
It seems they have not gotten around to posting their West Hollywood address yet, but it’s on Santa Monica Boulevard, just west of La Cienega, right next door to the Ramada.
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